Welcome to Cambric Creek…

Where the neighbors are a little unconventional and the full moon affects more than just the night sky. Sexy werewolves, adorable mothmen, and randy minotaurs welcome you to settle in and make yourself at home! Are you tired of the typical, run-of-the-mill romances featuring the boring Chad next door? Are you longing for a bit of fang and claw in your love story (and maybe a few tentacles for good measure?) Do non-human/human love stories with a scorching heat level get your pulse pumping?

If so, then set a trap for love with Monster Bait

Enjoy your time exploring this space, and feel free to follow me on other social media channels and say hello!

xoxo — C.M. Nascosta

The Mabon Feast is

When socially awkward witch Ladybug takes in a broody, silent araneaen as a tenant, a strangely enticing smell seems to permeate the seams of her very existence. The darkness beyond her bedroom door hungers, and she is helpless to offer herself up as its feast.

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