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In which the introverted author realizes she never actually got around to making a blog post

Hello, friends!

This post is loooong overdue, isn’t it. When I first registered this domain, it was with the attitude of I’ll get around to it. I had plenty of time, I thought. I had a dedicated following on a single platform. I had work responsibilities and writing responsibilities, this space was at the very bottom of a very long priority list, and I was full of excuses.

“I don’t need to worry about a website right now, I haven’t even published anything! I’ll get around to it eventually.”

“I should probably do something with my website, but that’s going to take time away from writing! I’ll get around to it.”

“I published a book, but I already have a strong social media presence . . . no one wants to read blog posts, right? I’ll get around to it.”

Well . . . you get the idea. An entire year went by. I published a book, I had a major health scare, I wrote a whole bunch of short stories. I wrote another book, a family crisis put my schedule on hold, I published said other book, and here we are. There’s no better time to get around to it than right now, so: Hello. I’m C.M. Nascosta, although a lot of you might already know me as the creator of Monster Bait.

After writing a contemporary romance novel that had wrung me dry, I knew I need to pivot to something fun to prevent burnout. My plan was to shift to “monster romance” (because I was already a fan) and started planning. I started my monster romance blog in August of 2019, posting one unedited short story (or section of a longer draft piece) every single week for the first year my blog existed, testing the response to my characters and building the parameters of Cambric Creek. A lot of monster romance books skew towards erotica, and while sometimes that sort of story hits the spot, it wasn’t what I always wanted to read, and certainly wasn’t what I wanted to write. Cambric Creek is my spin on the classic Hallmark-style holiday movie, if Hallmark had an after dark channel: quirky small town meet-cutes with low angst and equal parts heart and heat. The first few concept chapters of Sweet Berries was my first contribution to the exophilia community, and we haven’t look back.

And here we are, exactly two years later, sitting in the top 100 of Amazon with a book about Minotaur handjobs. 😂

For those of you eager for more, I’ll be putting my publishing schedule up here so that you’re able to follow along. Feel free to ask questions, avail yourself of my free Tumblr masterlist, and join my patreon, if you’re so inclined. There are a LOT of Cambric Creek stories in the pipeline, and I hope you’ll be as excited for them as I am! I’m going to endeavor to update this blog monthly going forward, and in the meantime, don’t hesitate to drop into my DMs on Tumblr or Instagram! Thank you so much for being here, for reading, for stepping out of your comfort zone, for your commiserations and camaraderie.

— Happy Reading!

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